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HTC Helsinki, Finland’s first High Tech Center, is located on Tammasaarenkatu street in the seaside environment of Helsinki’s Ruoholahti district. The five HTC buildings, which were completed in 2001, were named after explorers’ ships: Columbus’ Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, Nordenskjöld’s Vega, and Heyerdal’s Kon-Tiki. Some 30 companies providing 1,500 jobs operate from rented floor space totaling approximately 36,000 m2. The buildings were designed by Kai Wartiainen Oy, an architect’s office, in cooperation with Evata Finland Oy.

HTC Helsinki offers first-class facilities for congresses, conferences and special occasions both to HTC tenants and to companies outside HTC. The basements of three buildings form a common space that includes a sloped 250-seat auditorium. There are also two lecture rooms that can be joined together into one.

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